Things I was asked to do while job hunting

I recently had to get a new job. My wife got a residency in another state, and my previous job is going back to in-person.

I have two years’ experience working for a startup on enterprise-scale software. My day job is on the frontend with some backend from open source work.

Here are some things I was asked to do while job hunting:

The cognitive test actually made me laugh. Imagine a workplace where someone yells, “Nazario! Get over here, we need someone add some fractions! No calculators!!!”

Anyway, hiring is broken, we all know it. I accepted a position with a company that had a sane, speedy hiring process.

  1. Veterinarians can do a residency if they want to specialize, like to be a neurologist or cardiologist. You get most residencies through “the match.” Prospective residents rank programs they’re most interested in, and the programs rank applicants. On a given date in the spring, you find out if or where you matched.

    This is why for several weeks, I knew we would be in Tennessee, Florida, Indiana or California, but not the specific state. 

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