I’m a journalist with experience working on newspapers, magazines, and most of all, the web. I’ve worked as a reporter, writer, editor, video producer, photographer and web producer.

My current job is at the Atlanta-Journal Constitution as a producer. I write, edit and help prepare content for our home & garden section as well as sponsorships. My work has helped the AJC deliver unparalleled sponsorship packages.

The work done by our group has helped boost AJC traffic by millions of page views through unique distribution strategies and better SEO.

This work is a specialty of mine. I produce unique online content, whether it’s an especially compelling gallery or an unusual feature story. During my time at the Ledger-Enquirer, I helped push our online traffic stats to record highs in McClatchy.

I graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and computer science. I chose computer science as my minor to learn how to code and produce content for the Web. I am proficient in HTML, CSS and a little JavaScript.

I don’t personally write as many stories as I used to (more editing), but you can read a complete archive of my work or check out the highlights.