I’m Kyle Nazario. I’m a web developer with a passion for learning and an aptitude for picking up new tools quickly. I hope I can help you and your company.

My education includes a bachelor’s degree with a minor in computer science. I have experience with MongoDB, Mongoose, Express, Angular, Node.js, Passport.js and more. Front end is where I have done the most work, though I have also set up my own server, API and worked with external APIs on the backend.

I used to work in journalism as a producer, editor and writer. This gave me an appreciation for work with detail and precision (ask me about the plane “crash”!). However, when I realized I enjoyed writing Python scripts for my job more than the job itself, I knew it was time for a change.

Since then I have spent two hours per day learning web development tools and building sites, which you can see from my portfolio below. I hope to hear from you!

Dragon Collector

Dragon Collector is a website for collecting and generating pixel art dragons. It models realistic Mendelian genetics and can dynamically create thousands of dragon images.

Tools: MongoDB, Mongoose, Express, Angular 7, Node.js, Angular Material, Passport.js, JWTs, bcrypt, RxJS

Dragon Collector, a Heroku-hosted app for breeding pixel art dragons.


Backlogged is a simple and clean Letterboxd for video games. Powered by the Giant Bomb API, it lets users track games they've played with lists and ratings.

Tools: MongoDB, Mongoose, Express, Angular 6, Node.js, Passport.js, request-promise, JSON Web Tokens

Backlogged, a Heroku-hosted app for tracking played games

What Should I Play Next?

What Should I Play Next is a client-side Angular app for finding new games to play based on their ratings. It uses the Giant Bomb API as well.

Tools: Angular 6, Express, Node.js

What Should I Play Next, an Angular app for finding top-rated games.