I’m Kyle Nazario. I’m a full-stack web developer with a passion for learning.


Bachelor's degree with a minor in computer science (Auburn University, 2011 - 2015)


Well-reviewed Angular 2+ textbook, used it to make my portfolio projects.

Rithm School

Online courses that cover the full stack with a focus on JavaScript. I completed:

Work scripts

I wrote a Python script to scrape the title and links of stories my newspaper group made. It sent these to email and Slack groups.


  • Angular 7
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript ES6
  • Mocha, chai and sinon
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • Node
  • Express.js
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • NPM
  • RESTful APIs
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Jekyll
  • Angular Material
  • Flexbox


I’ve always loved technology. As a teenager, I was fascinated by the process of jailbreaking my iPod Touch and replacing the Springboard background with a live HTML file that cycled background images.

After spending a few years working in news, I decided to pursue my real passion. I spent the next year doing online classes to brush up on things I’d learned in my computer science minor.

My promise

I am a self-taught web developer who loves solving problems. I spent two hours learning web technologies every day of the last year because I love it.

I will work hard and learn from anyone I can to become a better full-stack web developer. I hope to hear from you!


Though I have not had the opportunity to work in the tech industry, I built these projects to showcase my development abilities.

All are Angular 6+ applications served by Node servers. The first two implement the full MEAN stack.

Dragon Collector

Dragon Collector is a website for collecting and generating pixel art dragons.

Interesting problem: I had to figure out how to generate random shades of a specific color.

My color generation algorithm uses charts of color shades to establish bounds for RGB values, then generates random numbers within those values.

Tools: Angular 7, MongoDB, Mongoose, Express.js, Node, Angular Material, Passport.js, JWTs, bcrypt, RxJS

> Source code

Dragon Collector, a Heroku-hosted app for breeding pixel art dragons.


Backlogged is a simple and clean Letterboxd for video games. Powered by the Giant Bomb API, it lets users track games they've played with lists and ratings.

Interesting problem: I created an API route that would convert a list of game titles to an image for sharing on social media (example).

To create a column, my algorithm finds the longest title and uses that plus some padding for the column's width.

It also uses a system akin to CSS breakpoints to calculate how many rows there should be to have an appealing height-width ratio. It then lays out the titles across rows, concatenating the game titles into the total string as it goes.

Tools: Angular 6, MongoDB, Mongoose, Express.js, Node, Passport.js, request-promise, JWTs

> Source code

Backlogged, a Heroku-hosted app for tracking played games

What Should I Play Next?

What Should I Play Next is a client-side Angular app for finding new games to play based on their ratings. It uses the Giant Bomb API as well.

Interesting problem: I had to understand the minute details of the API in order to get the data I wanted (review scores sorted by platform), which was not supported.

To solve the problem, I did repeated requests against the API to get reviews then filtered those by platform.

Tools: Angular 6, Express.js, Node

> Source code

What Should I Play Next, an Angular app for finding top-rated games.