Kyle Nazario

Frontend web developer

About me

  • Angular 9 and React
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript ES2020
  • React Native and Ionic
  • Frontend testing

Bachelor's degree, Auburn University (2015)

Minor in computer science

Team leads have said they are amazed how fast I pick up new concepts and tools. Bosses have called my work "brilliant."

Software engineer, ServiceCore

  • Designed, built and tested new features for a consumer-facing Angular 7/Angular.js enterprise application
  • Promoted from junior to full developer within 6 months for exceptional work
  • Worked in a Scrum and Kanban system with heavy collaboration between product, backend, frontend and QA
  • Helped design user interfaces and components to display and update complex data
  • Wrote a robust, powerful offline mode for the ServiceCore Ionic app that stored customer data in a SQLite database before syncing it back to the server
  • Began and led a project to implement frontend unit tests
  • Began and led a project to convert old Angular.js components to Angular 7
4K 4 U showing preset searches 4K 4 U showing search results for the 2019 movie Us 4K 4 U showing detailed information for Arrival (2016)
  • Simple app to help cinephiles figure out where to redeem codes for digital copies of 4K DVDs
  • Special tablet-only, more dense UI layout - not just a stretched-out phone app
  • Built with React Native, Redux, TypeScript and NativeBase
  • Developed simultaneously for iOS and Android

Open source

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