I have several years of experience as a journalist at newspapers, magazines and the web. I’ve worked as a reporter, writer, editor, video producer, photographer and web producer.

My current job is at the Atlanta-Journal Constitution as a producer. I write, edit and help prepare content from the wire as well as create videos and sponsorship content. My work has helped the AJC deliver unparalleled sponsorship packages.

The work done by our group has helped boost AJC traffic by millions of page views through unique distribution strategies and better SEO.

I also brought my coding ability to bear at the AJC, building Python scripts for myself and coworkers that saved us dozens of hours. I will not post them since they use internal AJC systems, but I can describe them.

The first was a notification script. When I published a wire story, it could be on five newspapers’ websites. All of them had to be sent the URL for their site, in addition to updating an internal Slack channel to track these things.

My script used RSS from our site to then scrape URLs for stories I would publish. The script would reformat, package them and send them via IFTTT to Slack and even email. I used an Outlook rule to redirect these emails to the right groups.

The second was a homepage-checking script. As stories were changed on ajc.com, our group’s slots were often bumped. This script checked the homepage every 10 minutes and would message me on Slack if any of our stories were bumped.

You can read a complete archive of my work or check out the highlights.