Google app uses a selfie to find your painting double

(Courtesy Felicia Day's Twitter)

(Courtesy Felicia Day's Twitter)

A new feature in a Google app is social media’s obsession of the moment. 

The Google Arts & Culture app (available on Android and iOS) was recently updated with a new feature. Take a selfie and Google will use its image-recognition software and a database of paintings from museums across the world to find your painting double. 

Social media is full of users posting their matches. As of Monday afternoon, it is the top free app on the iOS and Android app stores.

This being social media, there were also jokes.

According to Recode, Google says this feature is an experiment. The advertising company told The Sun the feature is only available in “parts of the U.S.”

To get started, open the Culture app and scroll down in the main feed until you see the virtual card for painting matching. Google says in the app it will not keep your selfie for any longer than to find a match. 

The Google Arts & Culture app, according to its App Store description, collaborates with more than 1,200 “museums, galleries and institutions to make their exhibits available for everyone online.” The app includes virtual tours of famous museums and VR content with Google Cardboard.


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