Doubters fueled Tim Hudson's amazing baseball career, which came to a close Sunday

Proving them wrong

Why it’s a highlight:

Though I did not write this story, I worked on the formatting and publishing tools for it for several weeks to make a web-native version that would stand out and impress readers.

Our sports editor, Kevin Price, wrote it to celebrate a local man who had a long and successful pro career. I edited the story and produced the layout specifically for the web using Sinclair, a McClatchy tool for building amazing web stories.

I started by hosting the story on our website with a couple other story assets. Sinclair scrapes the story and assets from our site (which we know will always be up) and reformats them in the visually appealing way.

Sinclair is not actively developed by McClatchy anymore, as far as I can tell, and required a lot of work to bring up to production levels.

My workflow was to run the story content and assets through the Sinclair generator, download the .html file and edit in all the other necessary features. I removed the paragraph numbers and added a title, subhead, byline and meta tags so it would share properly on Facebook. The header formatting is based on CSS I added as an extra file to Sinclair, thanks to stuff from the Macon Telegraph.

It was a lot of work, but the feature looks fantastic and uses its web format to its advantage.

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